Why Dom Himalaya is the best budget hotel in Kathmandu?

Every year legions of globetrotter flock to Nepal for various purposes like trekking, hiking, sightseeing, research and climbing Everest. Thamel, the most popular touristic hub of entire Nepal lies at the center of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Hotel Dom Himalaya sits in the colorful alleys of Thamel!      Thamel has hosted a huge figure of [...]
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DOM Himalaya Hotel, a 3-star boutique hotel in Thamel

Do you what exactly a boutique hotel refers to? I'm pretty sure about those who read our previous blog, they know it clearly. Yes! As Thamel district in Kathmandu is a popular tourists' hub, there lie many souvenir shops, art gallery, travel agencies and rickshaws giving tourists a different vibe. Besides these things, Thamel is [...]
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What exactly is a Boutique Hotel? Boutique Hotel in Thamel: Dom Himalaya

Have you ever asked to yourself or someone, “What exactly is a Boutique Hotel”? Well, the literal meaning of boutique implies ‘small, sophisticated and fashionable business or establishment’. When it comes to hotels and hospitality, the meaning of boutique is not only limited in terms of size and fashion. Instead, Boutique hotels show up with homely touches, [...]
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Top 20 Traditional Nepalese Foods to Try Other Than Daal Bhaat

Perched amid the verges of giant Himalayas, Nepal is not only renowned for trekking but also for a multitude of traditional and modern cuisines to relish upon.       If we give a peek towards the Nepali cuisines, we might feel that Nepal lacks varieties other than the staple food “Daal Bhaat”. But, looking deeper [...]
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Top 8 Foods You Must Try in Nepal

Ask any Nepali what their favorite food is and you’re likely to get a laugh and a ‘dal bhat, of course!’ While it’s imperative that you get used to eating dal and rice several times a week (if not, twice a day), there are plenty of other delicious traditional Nepali dishes that you should try [...]
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Gaze over Monkeys at Swoyambhunath Stupa & Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Highlights The Dewa Dharma Monastery noted for a bronze icon of Buddha and traditional Tibetan paintingsThe huge gold plated Vajra ‘thunderbolt’ set in the east side of the stupaBuddha statue on the west side of SwayambhuThe Sleeping BuddhaThe temple dedicated to Harati, the goddess of all children. It is said that she was an ogress [...]
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